Parents Testimonials

I have found Play2Learn Kindy to be a loving and nurturing environment with lots of fun activities to help kids learn. It has been a wonderful experience for my daughters first time away from mummy!


Hi Bernice

Just a quick email to thank you for the wonderful experience Jorja is having at Play2Learn Kindy.

After previously attending another early childhood program earlier in the year., I was a little apprehensive about enrolling Jorja in another 3 year old kindy, I had pulled her out of the previous program because she was unsettled from the start, and had continued to be very upset and disengaging throughout the first term. This was obviously upsetting for me, and I certainly did not want to place her in an environment where she felt uncertain or uncomfortable.

That said, as her older brother was now attending school full time, she really missed him through the day and needed more than just play time with "Mum".

I decided to find out a little about Play2Learn Kindy and brought Jorja in to her first session. Right from the get go, Jorja felt completely comfortable in her surroundings. There was absolutely no tears, she was not clinging to me, and in fact she was keen to look around the place and engage in some of the table activities that had been set up. I went in there with an expectation that I would need to stay with Jorja for the entirety, however after about 10 mins, I took the opportunity to say goodbye to her. She hardly blinked an eyelid, waved me off and continued having fun with the other children.

I must say, it's a pleasant feeling to drop off and collect your child seeing that big smile on their face on both occasions. Every morning Jorja asks - "What day is it today? Is it kindy day today?" She absolutely loves her time there, is enthusiastic about all the activities and I think the learning environment is a great stepping stone to "big kindy"next year.

Thanks again for making the transition to kindy so smooth for BOTH Jorja and I.

Kind regards,


Couldn't thank you enough with your help with Ryan, the information you have given our family has helped us with working out a more productive future for Ryan. He is very confident about starting at Fremantle language development school next year if it wasn't for your valuable knowledge I would not of known more about this school. I am so glad we met you at the Leeming fair that day as it has been the best decision we made.


Thank you for a wonderful year with Harper. Your kindy has been a fabulous environment and she has flourished! Shauna

Just a quick thank you for everything you have done for Sienna this year.

I was very nervous about her starting kindy. She has gone from strength to strength setting her up nicely for 4 year old kindy next year. What she has learnt both socially/emotionally as well as academically is a real credit to you. See you in 2017 with J.

Cheers Danielle